ZeroBounce hybrid cloud solution


Our Client

A premier email validation service provider

Utilizing the latest in A.I. technology, ZeroBounce supports businesses to increase their revenue and customer base by removing bounces and non-human addresses from their email databases. ZeroBounce helps widen communication reach to end-users rather than bots and provides full insight on the health and hygiene of email data with 98% accuracy guaranteed. As a global provider they need to maintain 24/7 uptime to provide validation around the clock, across the globe as downtime would affect both their customers and their own business. At the same time they needed to protect against attempted cyber attacks due to the sensitive and valuable nature of the data they process.

The solution

Flexible hybrid Cloud solution

ZeroBounce required a solution which would provide the connection, resilience and a Cloud-based network infrastructure to support their growing business on a global scale. Whilst also being sensitive to previous legacy systems and hardware in place and the digital investments already made.

M247 created a bespoke, hybrid cloud solution built around MPLS, Colocation and Infrastructure as a Service which would fit around the existing infrastructure and provide complete redundancy and 100% uptime. This approach required an anycast DNS solution with the ability to sustain layer 2 and layer 3 routing of IP addresses to the solution between the 8 locations. To ensure the 100% uptime against a real cyber threats, M247 put Zerobounce entire solution over its Corero DDoS protection.

Diagram zerobounce - hybrid cloud solution

The challenge

Multiple 10Gbps resilient global connections

ZeroBounce required a 10Gbps connection that could be delivered across 2 continents and with business grade continuity back up in place. With MPLS solutions in Bucharest and New York, they also needed to ensure the ability to operate a live switch at any point in time between these 2 locations to ensure 100% uptime.

An anycast ISP solution was needed to ensure ZeroBounce could deliver required workloads as close as possible to each customer location. At the same time being able to ensure a secure passage of data with DDoS protection designed to mitigate against the most advanced attacks.



Transatlantic MPLS

M247 deployed a full private Cloud infrastructure in a dedicated rack within both New York and Bucharest – each a complete replica of the other to ensure resilience.
Both had dual switching, compute nodes with N+1 redundancy, dual-controller, no-single-point-of-failure full-SSD storage and dual fibre channel switching. Whilst delimiting the top of the rack for the private Cloud solution it was possible to reserve the remainder of the rack for an IaaS solution. This was connected to the same top of rack in order to benefit from a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. A transatlantic MPLS was configured over 2 redundant paths, guaranteeing a 100% uptime and 10Gbps bandwidth 24/7.

“Guaranteeing the necessary bandwidth to enable replication and transfer between our 2 main sites had been something of an issue, our previous supplier struggled to deliver. M247 implemented a hybrid cloud solution that utilised existing servers, reduced costs and guaranteed 100% uptime.”

Liviu Tanase, CEO, ZeroBounce


2 fully redundant private Clouds over 2 continents

M247 implemented 2 private Clouds for ZeroBounce, one based within New York and the other in Bucharest. Both were fully redundant based on Dell hardware and with a low latency MPLS between the 2 POPs.

Utilizing a combination of VMWare and Dell EMC hardware, M247 were able to provide ZeroBounce the dynamic allocation needed in terms of compute and memory resources and the ability to move VMs from across continents without any downtime – creating a live migration environment for upgrades.

M247 installed 2 switches for redundancy purposes that could handle both layer2 and layer3 and provided to the customer uplinks required to all Tier 1 providers in the region. This meant it was possible to benefit from connections across multiple suppliers, including M247 private peerings, which therefore allowed the network traffic to choose the best possible route at all times.

Key points


  • Dual switch enabled redundancy to deliver 100% uptime in 3 years since deployment
  • 10Gbps resilient connection
  • Fully bespoke solution to deliver Hybrid Cloud, enabling customer to retain use of existing infrastructure
  • Industry leading lead-time, delivered in under 20 days


The result

A hybrid Cloud solution delivered in industry leading timescale enabling 100% uptime

ZeroBounce now have a fully redundant solution delivered over 2 continents, with the ability to load-balance the workloads between the 2 locations, live, without any downtime. This maintains 100% uptime not only on the general infrastructure, but also on the DNS infrastructure due to Anycast setup and on VMs level due to live migration and dynamic resource allocation capability.

In the 3 years since working with ZeroBounce, M247 have also installed a small IaaS in 8 more locations across the world, including Europe, Asia and America.

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“M247 were able to help us to utilise our existing infrastructure to protect investments the business had already made. Our key issue concerning the ability to migrate high volume of traffic between two different continents whilst ensuring 100% uptime is now no longer a concern and we have peace of mind that we have a fully resilient and redundant infrastructure”

Liviu Tanase, CEO, ZeroBounce