M247 is a major participant at all the primary European Internet Exchange Points (IXP Network)

We offer MORE reliable exchange of traffic, highly available switching platform, as well as increased routing control and improved performance. Members have access to direct routes from a large number of diverse international peering partners.

With capabilities underpinning hundreds of interconnected networks through our internet exchange platforms, we offer fast and cost-effective internet service and professional IP exchange services to wholesale buyers and their business customers.


  • Connected with the most important IXP in Europe (DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, LONAP, Equinix IX, VIX, NL-IX, Swiss-IX, Peering.CZ, Interlan, RoNIX, BalkanIX, BiX, NetIX)
  • Our network is built on redundant, 10/100Gbps links, providing high bandwidth and service stability
  • We are present in over 35 Data Centres worldwide, so we can provide this service anywhere the customer needs it


  • Possibility to lower costs using IXP instead of Transit providers
  • Single point of contact, we will manage both the transport between the customer and the IXP, and the IXP port
  • Possibility to lower Latencies and Internet Speeds by using direct connections
  • Doing direct BGP sessions with IXP Members will allow your network to be seen better on the Internet