Moving your applications and workloads to public cloud is easy

Migrating your infrastructure to the Cloud is now even easier, our complete suite of cloud services from public, private to customer site platforms allows for multi-cloud strategies. Let our team of experts guide your business to the benefits of hybrid cloud.

If you’re looking to expand your current infrastructure or migrate some of your service to public cloud we can provide Azure subscriptions to support your preferred IT transformation needs.

Our global private network enables cloud connectivity, when and where you need it. Available as a single one off service or part of a wider hybrid cloud solution. We endeavour to provide the best technical fit and value for money to support your ongoing needs.

  • We share the same strategic data centre locations as Public Clouds
  • 24/7/365 expert support as standard
  • Low latency
  • Cost effective subscriptions
  • Subscription migrations
  • Cloud connect products
  • Global network hosting and connectivity
  • Distributed, redundant and reliable cloud configurations
  • Extra security

Why M247?

  • One billing service provider
  • Single accountability of service
  • No credit card – move away from pay as you go
  • Greater Connectivity SLA’s
  • Backup and recover solutions
  • Work load mobility and optimisation servcies for data migration in house

Cloud computing has changed the way companies do business, forever. It’s made data more mobile. It’s simplified scaling. And it’s allowed businesses to build collaborative connections between teams, anywhere in the world.

247Cloud offers public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, running on truly best-in-class technology. Our robust infrastructure is designed to support even the most demanding data and processing needs. This is a cloud solution focused on enabling and accelerating business growth



  • Public – Hyperscalers
  • 247Cloud Public
  • 247Cloud Private

  • 247Cloud ROBO or IoT
  • 247Cloud On Prem