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IT Consulting

Certified technicians available 24 x 7.
Benefit from security, monitoring, data backup or archiving.

Support IT

IT support is the best option to increase efficiency and reduce costs for any business, be it small or large. M247 Europe SRL can customize unique IT support packages that guarantees our clients the desired efficiency.

We provide a flexible and proactive IT consulting service, with the aim of reducing the number of IT issues that may arise in your business. Our specialists will help you avoid everyday problems and monitor the systems for errors and possible security breaches. Also, our team has the ability to prevent certain problems, ensuring your business functionality at a guaranteed rate of 100%.

With the development of long-distance connection is now possible to access a client's computer remotely - a service still used as a second option by many IT support providers. We do things differently. Our Support Connect software is used as a first choice of support and with just a few clicks you will be connected with one of our specialists.

Servers Administration

For the proper functioning of servers the hardware, software and administrative are the most important parts.

M247 Europe SRL administrators are qualified to work with these components in order to obtain the best performance of both hardware and software side, thus preventing most errors.

Moreover, our experts will try as much as they can to prevent any incidents. In case of unavoidable problems, our team will use all available resources to resolve the incident before seriously impair the functioning of the server.

M247 Europe SRL team achieves top performance and ensures servers reliability!


Our experience has revealed that simple things like configuration and proper settings, channeled on the specific needs of the client, increases the server performance and helps the efficient use of resources. Our specialists have the ability to work with servers and loaded systems. For each project, the optimization is done on all levels, from web applications to the kernel system, thus reducing the risk of problems.

Continuous Monitoring

The monitoring process is done continuously - the checking intervals start at 60 seconds. This process helps us to detect the smallest signs in relation to a problem, allowing us to take appropriate measures in time. As soon as we establish the cause of an error, we begin the process of elimination. You will be informed immediately of any incident from the very moment we've noticed it by e-mail or by phone. For example, if the problem is caused by an error in the database, we'll contact your service provider to solve the problem.

Routine Actions

Everything must be done properly and in time. For our team this is not a cliché but a plan of action. Setting customized hardware and software helps avoid errors. We perform a security audit at all levels, from web applications to the whole system, install all updates since their appearance and set the firewalls that will make the servers considerably safer. A backup made on a regular basis will avoid an irreversible loss of information. Our specialists perform daily routine proceedings with one goal: the perfect functionality of the servers. Our specialists do all they can to prevent problems and to mitigate the effects of which cannot be foreseen.

Security Above All

Unfortunately, there are situations beyond the control of our specialists, errors that may be caused, for example, by the existence of some bugs in the software. Data leaks can occur due to the actions of an inside person or of a simple negligence. The probability of a DDoS attack or a burglary can be reduced, but not completely. Our managers will make every effort to minimize this risk.

Data Backup

Regular backups represent the only measure that can prevent an irreversible loss of information. Customers who neglects completely to backup or not performing it continuously are subject to the risk of losing valuable information.

24/7 Support

The members of our support team are always at your disposal. Therefore you can contact us anytime by phone or email.

Managing the servers includes several actions, including:

  • Optimization and management of the web servers (Apache, lighttpd, nginx, etc);
  • Managing DNS servers (BIND, PowerDNS);
  • Setting, optimization and security of mail servers (Sendmail, Exim, Postfix)
  • Setting and managing the database servers (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL)
  • Setting FTP servers;
  • Installing updates and patches;
  • Security Audit, software or hardware installing as security solutions (Firewall);
  • Backup solutions;
  • Solutions for backup.

When was the last time you've tested the backup solutions?

Often the strategy that concerns the backup is overlooked or misunderstood. Our team takes into account your business goals and provides the best backup solutions according to your needs.

Key Questions:

  • How often you need to back up your important data?
  • When was the last time you asked for the restoration of a 3 weeks old email?
  • Are some information more important than others?
  • Your backup include server settings or other vital information?

Do you have a backup for your e-mail?

How long would it take to recover your information in the event of an error, and who will handle this process?

Often, M247 Europe SRL customers propose other solutions thinking that this would protect their business, but most of the above questions remain unanswered or weren't even considered. We provide you with the answers you need and a wide range of solutions that will fit your needs.

Backup Routine

Most companies are doing a daily backup, but there are very few that deposit it outside the office. This is alarming if we consider: theft, fire, flood, etc.

Our backup service provides reliability with regards to:

  • Automatic backups outside the office with storage in three different locations in Europe.
  • Your information is completely secured during the transfer to another location and during their storage.
  • Manual entries are avoided and also the appointment of a person to move them in an external location.
  • You have access to your information in three different locations at any time.
  • Restorations are automated without having to search through the records, to wait for an external location recording or for the return of an employee from vacation.

NAS Backup

We provide NAS backups that are also available depending on the infrastructure and requirements of your company.

Our Services

Whatever the situation, M247 Europe SRL can guide you in the right direction. Whether you choose a normal or NAS backup, M247 Europe SRL can provide a custom backup service that will meet all the desired goals of your company.


  • Backup consulting is free, which will help you answer all the questions above and more.
  • Full range of monitoring and management services.
  • Eliminating the duplicates of your data to reduce costs and increase storage efficiency.
  • Data continuity.
  • Archive and long-term preservation of your information.
  • Customized solutions designed to meet your company's needs.
  • Improved delivery of services and backups execution in a shorter time.
  • Minimal disruption to your business by running the backup only on specific times.


Our Data centers

M247 operate green, efficient data centers manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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