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The need to control the access to the Internet by means of filtering software has become a growth industry through all the world. Its use has increased as the mandatory response to the current problems of society, namely, pornography, violence, hate, and in general, anything that seems to be unpleasant or threatening.

You can choose to limit access by filtering the content either by blocking access to specific Web sites, referred to by their URLs, or by using a large set of keywords to prevent accessing sites that contain one or more of these words.

M247 Europe provides a number of techniques to block access to Internet sites: IP blocking, DNS tampering, or URL blocking using a proxy. These techniques are used to block access to specific WebPages, domains, or IP addresses.

We support proxy, software, connection and hardware filter options to meet each client's specific needs. Our centralized database of known inappropriate websites, keywords and IP addresses is updated in real time to protect you from offensive material. In addition, M247 Europe's specialists continually review individually submitted requests to update and improve our custom database.

Please contact us to discuss your exact requirements and we will tailor an advanced filtering package to meet them.

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