Money Advice Group


Money Advice Group, the home to many of the UK’s leading financial solution companies, had for many years struggled with their incumbent connectivity provider – needing a fast and reliable solution to keep up with their business’s expansion. M24Seven solved these issues by providing an extra resilient and diverse Internet connectivity solution alongside a SIP service to replace their out-dated ISDN lines.


Money Advice Group is home to some of the UK’s leading financial solutions companies. Every month their 270-seat contact centre in Manchester helps over 25,000 people who are struggling with their finances.

Offering practical and effective guidance, their advisors offer a confidential, personal service to provide bespoke debt solutions to their customers with ethical, expert debt support and advice.

The Challenge

Money Advice Group had several issues with their previous provider which included:

  • Out of date technology
  • High solution and call costs
  • Poor support
  • No clear account management
  • Several significant changes to account management
  • Unclear billing and invoice practices
  • Complex, rigid services
  • Complicated product coding
  • No customer portal

M24Seven were invited to tender for the new solution and following a lengthy review process, were chosen based on their experience and track record of eradicating all the type of challenges that Money Advice Group were facing.

Chris McCabe, Group Telecoms Manager at Money Advice Group explained:

“The Internet is the heartbeat of our business. We are a very results driven organisation and without a robust and secure solution, we would be unable to provide that first port of call to our customers.”

The Solution

Modern SIP: M24Seven rose to the challenge and solved Money Advice Group’s issues by providing a fast and reliable SIP solution to replace their outdated ISDN circuits, delivering an extra resilient and diverse connection using both wireless and fibre circuits.

Responsive Support: A further reason for Money Advice Group choosing M24Seven was the responsive support model and robust platform offered. As a smaller, more flexible provider, M24Seven could accommodate their unique set up; assisting in creating local SIP trunks between their phone system and contact centre software, which in turn reduced costs of ISDN lines on both systems.

Hosted VoIP: The company’s contact centres take over 1,000 calls a day so it is vital that these are managed efficiently. M24Seven supplied Money Advice Group with their Hosted VoIP solution, allowing them to use multiple queues, night modes and have call statistics and reports to help them manage high volumes of call traffic. The solution’s call storage functionality means that FCA-complaint recordings can be easily retrieved for dispute resolution as well as training.

Hosted VoIP from M24Seven also delivers training for staff as supervisors, who can listen to calls, ‘whisper’ to the agent during calls and record the calls for feedback. These call recording backups are stored in M24Seven’s secure colocation centre.

Web Filtering: In addition to the diverse connectivity and VoIP solution, Money Advice Group also benefits from the M24Seven Smoothwall web filtering solution. Previously they manually filtered and unblocked websites on an individual basis. Our web filtering tool now does it for automatically, making filtering of websites much easier to manage with time and resource cost-efficiency.

The Benefits

Due to the nature of their business, Money Advice Group needed absolute surety that any faults would be handled in a timely manner. Because both data and voice are delivered through one provider, M24Seven can proactively monitor both the uptime and the call quality across the whole of the network. In addition to availability monitoring that comes as standard, any calls that drop below a certain threshold are reported as a fault automatically.

Money Advice Group can now run over 100,000 minutes across the M24Seven platform each week. Given their business model, they cannot afford any downtime so needed a simple transition from IDSN to SIP. Our SIP solution has significantly reduced costs compared to their original phone system.

They can now adapt as future business needs change and can add or remove users easily. Plus, they don’t need to worry about upgrading their telephony system as M24Seven offers automatic free updates as and when new features become available.

“M24Seven provides the best support I have ever experienced from a supplier. It’s the little things that all add up to them being a fantastic supplier – from the support portal giving real-time updates, to the VoIP team who are extremely knowledgeable. Same-day ticket turnaround is a huge boost to our operation.”