Gazduire server dedicat

Managed dedicated server: 4 steps to get the best solution

You may already know the dedicated hosting service is a powerful solution for your online business, but what about a managed dedicated server option?

A dedicated server ensures high performance and flexibility, as it isn’t shareable and you have full control of it. But if you want the next level of performance, advanced system and device monitoring, opt for a provider which offers managed services.

Find a reliable and state-of-the-art data center

A stable and performant hosting solution is always sustained by a state-of-the-art data center. The characteristics of an agile infrastructure are:

  • Security: multilevel physical security, measures to prevent an unauthorized access, established policies and procedures, infrastructure with fire resistant materials;
  • Reliability: uninterrupted services ensured by redundant network, power (UPSs, generators) and cooling system smoke detection system, automatic inert gas and noise attenuating fire extinguishing system;
  • Availability: at least a tier III data center standards, with integrated management systems.

Understand the benefit of the managed dedicated server solution?

A managed dedicated server solution is popular for the majority of the big businesses, as they focus on peak performance. But it’s also a desirable option in case you don’t have technical experience and need certified specialists to manage the server fully. Moreover, it is a cost-efficient solution, although you pay extra in comparison with a basic management service. As you can redirect your IT staff on activities that can bring the company more money.

Make sure you receive the right features

One key feature of the managed server solution is the round a clock active monitoring. So, make sure that your provider is 24/7 available for individual technical support and, besides, answers quickly and efficiently to requests. A managed dedicated server service should follow the standard:

  • Hardware and software installation;
  • Hardware and software maintenance;
  • Hardware and software monitoring and notification;
  • Data backup (optional);
  • Diverse firewalls and anti-malware programs, as the internet access is controlled by your provider.

Additionally, some providers may offer you the possibility of adding extra upgrades.

Enjoy the best choice

Do you need secure access from anywhere in the world via Internet? With the managed dedicated server solution M247 leases and manages you the equipment in one of its tier 3 dedicated data centers, with the following benefits:

  • Remote server access, FTP and email server;
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP)server and email server;
  • Bespoke specifications for Enterprise and SMEs;
  • Increased resilience.

Do you need extra information? M247’s team is always available for your questions, get in touch with us.