Black Friday Promotions

M247 brings an entire month of remarkable discounts

Up to 30% off for dedicated servers and 20% off for colocation in November, as everyone should have the chance to benefit from the Black Friday period.

M247 Europe announces Black Friday discounts for its main services from 1st to 30th of November, as never applied before. We believe in transforming businesses through intelligent and tailored technological solutions. Thus, we want everyone to have enough time to better analyze his business needs and choose the most suitable solution at very good prices.

As businesses grow, the demand and complexity of requirements from their IT estate grow too. Keeping this under control and on budget can often become a problem – leading to unnecessary expense and often security risks. Moving your IT estate into a data center gives you the flexibility to scale your IT in line with your business needs and budget.

Therefore, M247 Europe understands these challenges and wants to support your business productivity and cost-effectiveness, especially during the Black Friday time. You can benefit now from the hottest deals for dedicated servers and colocation:

Dedicated Server Solutions

The dedicated server solutions can make a real difference to your business future without compromising your security. You can benefit from robust enterprise class servers fitted with quality server grade hardware, ensuring the stability of your hosted data for many years into the future, not only at competitive prices, but also slashed by up to 30%:

UP to 30% OFF for Dedicated Servers with Traffic Included

Benefit from dedicated servers hosted in a green and state-of-the-art data center in Bucharest, in high-quality cabinets of 50U usable, with 1 gbps internet speed, and 5TB, 10TB or 100TB monthly traffic, according to your needs.

The huge global network is another benefit you can gain by working with M247, also the presence in over 40 data centers globally, the highest capacity and low latency internet connectivity, and direct peering.

Choose your servers:

  • 10% off – up to 5 servers/order
  • 15% off – between 6 and 15 servers/order
  • 20% off – between 16 and 30 servers/order
  • 25% off – between 31 and 45 servers/order
  • 30% off – over 45 servers/order

UP to 30% OFF for Dedicated Servers with Traffic Unmetered

You can get the same good deal for dedicated server service with exceptionally reliable  unmetered traffic, and a network with unrivalled diversity and no single point of failure:

  • Intel E3-1230v2, 8GB RAM, 1TB SATA/120GB SSD, /30 and 1G Unmetered & Dedicated is 150 Euro/month*
  • Intel E3-1270v2, 16GB RAM, 2TB SATA/256GB SSD, /29 and 1G Unmetered & Dedicated is 165 EUR/month*
  • Intel E5- 2609v2, 16GB RAM, 2x2TB SATA/2x256GB SSD, /28 and 1G Unmetered & Dedicated is 180 EUR/month*
  • Intel E5- 2620v2, 32GB RAM, 2x2TB SATA/2x256GB SSD, /27 and 1G Unmetered & Dedicated is 195 EUR/month*
  • Intel E5- 2630v2, 64GB RAM, 2x3TB SATA/2* 480GB SSD, /27 and 1G Unmetered & Dedicated is 210 EUR/month*, find out more!

Colocation solutions

20% OFF for Colocation and Managed MPLS

Colocation is ideal for companies that need to have all, or part of, their own hardware and software locked safely inside an internet data center. With excellent connectivity, physical building security, power, resilience, diesel generators, 24/7/365 monitoring, air conditioning and access to many different enhanced features, all available as standard.

MPLS is delivered and monitored over M247’s high bandwidth core network, it improves performance levels and comes with guaranteed SLAs. Make sure you do not miss the best deals for it!

“We started our collaboration with M247 in 2015, and we were very surprised by the proactive attitude and very professional technical support. The commercial and technical teams solved all our requests in a short time and contributed to our performances we are very proud of today. Antena Group is a success story, and behind the scene every achievement needs a reliable partner who supports and solves all the technical challenges could appear at any moment.”

No wonder our customers are very pleased with our solutions, with our state-of-the-art data centers and unrivaled services! Learn more about the M247 Europe and take advantage of the discounts offered in November!