VPS, dedicated servers or Cloud for innovative startupsr

Hosting for startups – VPS, Dedicated Servers or Cloud

A startup requires online presence in any field the company would develop, and hosting services, such as VPS, dedicated servers or Cloud, may be a must-have to its operation. Startup status is temporary, as this type of company aspire to have a big impact on the market and expand globally.

Startups challenges regarding hosting

The success of a startup may bring great profit. But in the stage of development it doesn’t generate income. Consequently, a startup needs a low-cost hosting solution. Hosting data in an external data center can be the most advantageous option if it offers customized startup solutions.

Very often the founder of a startup is a specialist in a field, and the strategies that support the development of his idea require specialized help. Therefore, an external data center with IT specialists and advanced hosting solutions can support solidly the development of online products or services. Especially when the provider ensures 24/7/365 technical support, with a quick response to notifications.

Although a startup company has a long process of developing an innovative product or service, it can have a very rapid expansion after launch. That’s why the chosen hosting solution should offer flexibility, supported by uncompromised connectivity. A data center provider with a global presence and network can give a startup the most important benefit, scalability.

Hosting solutions for startups and benefits

Each online startup has different hosting requirements, you need a clear understanding of your business needs, current and future. Then, inform yourself very well about the available solution for hosting your IT operations. Start now with a brief description of the main solutions:

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

VPS is a section of a dedicated server machine, similar to an independent server. So, you share the physical server, but the virtual one is private, you have your guaranteed resources: CPU, RAM, Disk and bandwidth.

You can start with an VPS as:

  • Offers predictable monthly costs, also savings;
  • Good level of security;
  • You have complete control over the Operating System;
  • It is customizable and configurable.

But, have in mind to switch to another hosting solution when you need to scale up or increased effectiveness. As VPS ensures a limited level of performance.

Dedicated servers

A dedicated server solution offers you full control over the server performance, as you don’t share it and its resources. You have two options, a managed dedicated server or an unmanaged version, which is cheaper, but you need technical expertise to manage it.

Choose dedicated servers when:

  • You want your online business to be responsive all time;
  • You want more storage space and tight security;
  • Your stored data is high and consistent;
  • You need more resources than a VPS would provide.

Make sure to estimate correctly your hosting requirements, as you don’t want to buy resources which won’t be completely used.


Cloud is a hosting service which offers a virtual machine based on a network of physical servers, with resources spread between them. It is suitable for your startup in any of its development stage. Moreover, it is a very good option as:

  • You don’t need a capacity planning and investment in IT infrastructure;
  • You are charged for the used resources, it’s affordable;
  • Your IT resources can scale up and down instantly according to your needs;
  • It offers high performance, due to the vast network of servers in worldwide data centers;

Dig more for information, as you have several options for Cloud, with different levels of security and hardware resources.

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