Highly Secured
Networks for
Healthcare Companies

Technology investments are increasing in the Healthcare Industry. More patients have a better recovery process, access to their medical records, they receive prescriptions made from apps or phones, and robotics revolutionizes surgery. A top of The 16 countries with the world’s best healthcare systems, measuring health by three components: mental and physical health, health infrastructure and preventative care, positions Luxembourg, Singapore and Switzerland on the first three places.

In the next few years, organizations will invest more in Big Data, Cloud Infrastructure and Mobile. Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Robotics will have a direct impact on the medical diagnosis and overall people’s healthcare.

M247 is the fastest growing connectivity and internet infrastructure provider in Romania, Europe, Asia and North America.

We provide more connectivity at faster speeds than anyone else.
We are the most reliable partner for your Healthcare Company, and we offer:
  • Data protection license
  • GDPR compliance
  • Physical security with over 4 layers of security before accessing the DCs
  • Highly secured network and infrastructure with quarterly audits
  • Highly available public/private Clouds
  • ISO 27001 certification

Mind only your Healthcare Company’s growth and let us take care of your internet connection, security and network infrastructure.
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