Infinite Connectivity
for Gaming, Gambling
and Media Companies

The Media and Gaming Industry is on the wave, as the business opportunities increase each year, and the broadcasting medium is developing rapidly due to the increase in the number of consumers. In 2021 the media spending is expected to grow at 2.2 trillion $.

Gambling industry is also very active, and the online traditional casino games, lottery, bingo or sports betting, attract an increasing number of players.  In the last 10 years the revenues doubled, and the market is expected to expand in the future.

If you own or you work in a Gambling, Gaming or Media Company, you probably know how essential is the stability of the online business in these times of rapid growth. You are familiar with terms like Network connectivity, Dedicated Servers, MPLS, DDoS Protection,  Colocation, Legal Agreement, and for sure you wish to improve the efficiency of overall connectivity.

M247 is the fastest growing connectivity and internet infrastructure provider in Romania, Europe, Asia and the USA.

We provide more connectivity choice at faster speeds than anyone else. We are the most reliable partner for your media and gaming online business, and we offer

Gambling Companies

  • ONJN (National Gambling Office) license for your company to host gambling infrastructures
  • Low latency and local peerings with major providers in every M247 location to ensure a smooth online gambling experience
  • DDoS protection with enterprise optimized hardware
  • Experienced M247 support staff with 15 minute response time

Media & Gaming Companies

  • Low latency and local peerings with major providers in every M247 location to ensure a smooth streaming/display experience
  • Massive network with multiple locations with high capacity direct peering to major EYEBalls providers
  • Enterprise portfolio available with products like public/private cloud, IaaS, and CDN Infrastructure
  • DDoS protection with enterprise hardware optimized for online gaming

Mind only the growth of your online business and let on us the concerns with your internet connection, security and network infrastructure.
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