dedicated servers

Dedicated servers – benefits that exceed the popularity

When talking about hosting we can consider various solutions, from traditional ones to those intensively advertised, such as dedicated servers, colocation or cloud computing. Of course, each of these solutions has strengths and limitations, but they differ clearly one from another. It’s no wonder why there are so many comparisons between them.

Advantages without comparisons

However, a comparison between them could help executives understand why one of these services is better than the other, which may lead to a biased decision. In fact, when making a business decision it is all about connecting the business goals with these alternatives and selecting  the best suited solution for the company’s technical needs.

The current state of cloud hosting, which gives companies many benefits including flexibility and scalability, might determine you to think that dedicated servers are slowly losing their importance. In fact, many businesses value the dedicated servers service for its reliability, high speed, multiple configuration and security options.

Why dedicated servers?

By choosing a dedicated server service you can acquire a wide range of benefits. It can be an ideal solution if you are looking for a closed, secured and dedicated space, customized for your specific requirements. All these advantages can be experienced by anyone with one condition: the servers should be hosted and supported by the capabilities, advanced systems and solutions of a state-of-the-art data center.

M247 is a complete provider of connectivity and hosting services, which can help you choose the service that suits your business’ requirements. Moreover, it gives you some details about what an advanced data center means and what benefits should be expected when  choosing a dedicated server.

Customizable solutions for dedicated servers

A managed dedicated server in a data center gives you the possibility to choose the equipment with the features that suit your business’ needs and to access easily the complementary services. Moreover, the flexible infrastructure ensures simple equipment management. It can be entirely located  in a data center or divided into several, to provide a quick and easy experience to your customers.

Also, through various specific methods, this service offers the possibility to choose the security level for data owned by the company and the frequency with which a backup will be created.

Choose the specifications with M247

It is essential to make sure that you choose a data center with permanent technical support and that you get a prompt response to your requests.

M247 adds even more benefits to the list:

  • Quality server hardware, which ensures the stability of your hosted data for an extended period ;
  • Robust enterprise class servers;
  • Delivery in maximum 48 hours;
  • IPMI/iDrac secure access;
  • Robust and modern network that includes over 20 premium locations on 3 continents;
  • Peering with all of the main European internet Providers;
  • The M247 team is responsible for the operating systems, general hardware, and bandwidth, and also with the software control  and installation on the device that remains with the customer.

This type of servers can be used to host software applications and services and can be ideal for data backup and storage. Dedicated servers can be configured and managed remotely by the customer, with the possibility to perform a wide range of functions.

The best solution for security and stability

Through dedicated hosting, the server is rented by a single client or company, and none of its resources are distributed to other clients. A server has its own unique IP address, so you are the only user, with full server control. Therefore, this feature makes the server safer and more stable.

Security is highly important in the online environment, especially to companies with sensitive information, e-commerce or those who need continuous online presence. For these companies, the dedicated server ensures high security against potential cyber attacks.

Benefit the strong security provided by M247

Your company’s reputation is essential and M247 believes that you should have access to powerful security solutions. A dedicated server hosted in a M247 data center benefits from:

  • Firewall solutions based on tested hardware and state-of-the-art technology;
  • Trained and experienced engineers that manage and update your firewall or train your staff on how to use the platform;
  • Complete UTM (Unified Threat Management) functions, including traffic scanning for viruses, anti-spam, web filtering and intrusion prevention;
  • The possibility to establish VPN connections for remote offices and to allow remote access to users through the secure firewall device. The most versatile and powerful security solutions thanks to the partnerships with companies like Polo Alto, SonicWall, Citrix, or Kaspersky Marketing Innovation.

Final thoughts

With the dedicated server hosting solutions you not only choose a popular option, but a service with many benefits, you decide to increase your  business performance.

Yet, do not forget the attributes of the dedicated server provider. Only a trusted supplier, a data center with state-of-the-art equipment and systems, can make this solution effective for you.

The solutions offered by M247 are based on a high-performance connectivity and an extremely stable internet infrastructure. Do you want to find out more about the efficiency and stability of the dedicated server solutions provided by M247? Get in touch with us!