The ever-increasing demand on server hardware performance, disk-space and memory requirements, are driving more organisations to look for answers in the “Cloud” for Hosting Data & Application.

The definition of what the “Cloud” exactly is varies from supplier to supplier. For M247, it is the optimal combination of powerful, scalable platforms, coupled with enterprise-grade Internet access. Such a system enables business customers of all sizes and kinds to add or remove hardware resources at the click of a button – avoiding the need to continually purchase new equipment.

This instant flexibility is sometimes referred to as “elastic scalability” – versatile, best-in-breed hosted services, available to all, that can easily be flexed as and when demands change.

Each Virtual Private Server offered by M247 has the same appearance, functionality, and capabilities of a dedicated machine. Each virtual server can run its own fully-fledged operating system – plus all associated applications – independently.  A virtual server is the smart way to gain all the benefits of owning a dedicated, managed, and carrier neutral data-centre-hosted server without incurring the cost and IT resources required to build, secure and maintain it in-house.

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