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Colocation Services for Financial Efficiency in Healthcare Industry

Are colocation solutions the right choice for a medical center to avoid financial losses if the connectivity, capacity and security of the internal data center aren’t efficiently optimized? It is probably a common question for many IT professionals or technical executives.

If we talk about the main challenges of healthcare providers, we can mention the evolution of technology, the quality of services and the strict regulatory requirements in the field. But if attention moves on a medical center’s IT infrastructure and systems, difficulties can arise in determining initial and future needs for patient data security, connectivity with carriers, Internet providers, fiber suppliers, adequate bandwidth, uptime. Any of these conditions may generate financial losses if they are not managed on a high performance standard.

Patient behavior is changing, and more people are using online access to personal healthcare records. A very large percentage of them feel comfortable with their mobile applications. Thus, healthcare providers should think like a brand leader who keeps clients constantly interested in his services.

Therefore, finding a colocation center with a robust ecosystem which also provides equipment management services can be the solution for an advanced IT environment. The benefits of such a data center are:

Security for colocation hosting

A colocation solutions provider must have the whole resources to efficiently manage potential network security risks. It is necessary to protect data and ensure physical security of IT infrastructure and equipment.
Such a provider follows the best practices recommended in the field and has certifications for the implemented security programs.

Network and data security

A customized colocation hosting offer can be a powerful solution for network stability and security. And a colocation center with versatile solutions, which works with internationally renowned partners, offers the possibility of completing colocation services with secure connectivity.

Example of solutions:

  • Managed Firewalls;
  • Complete Unified Threat Management;
  • Traffic scanning;
  • VPN connections;
  • Managed DDoS;
  • Data backup;
  • Content filtering.

Physical security

The physical security of an internal data center is a challenge for the operations team of a medical center. It requires a well-developed plan and a multi-level infrastructure protection. But the colocation solutions provided by an external data center include complete physical security services:

  • Data center access monitored full-time by security guards
  • Surveillance cameras 24/7/365
  • Data center and private spaces for colocation hosting physically locked, with electronically secure access;
  • The possibility of setting a PIN for each rack.

The good news for the healthcare industry is that choosing a provider with a fully secure ecosystem can benefit from advanced security solutions. Even more if the medical center chooses an extra service – equipment administration. And financially, everyone will notice the shift from risking losing money to reducing costs, gaining money.

Competitive colocation solutions

The number of people using an online portal for patients increased in 2017 to 74 percent, compared to 45 percent in 2016, according to Therefore, we are talking about a volume of private data that records continuous increases and a growing number of digital users.

Flexibility, improved technology, connectivity and extremely stable Internet infrastructure are conditions for a successful IT environment. However, technical directors of a medical center know that these features require a continuous investment. A state-of-the-art colocation center will always keep up with the latest technical developments and deliver benefits such as:

  • Redundancy (at least N+1 for generators, UPSs, cooling system);
  • Smoke sensors fire detection;
  • Fire suppression system;
  • Disaster recovery;
  • Redundant interconnection systems between center date;
  • Global Internet network;
  • Cloud Platforms;

These are mandatory features to benefit from uninterrupted services, especially for maximum uptime.

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