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Colocation and Cloud – solutions for the new healthcare technologies

In fields like healthcare, the digitalization process is complex and slower than in others, but the benefits are multiple. Moving from physical archives and countless document boxes to electronic archives has been a great progress.

Currently, the approach is for remote patient monitoring solutions, supply chain optimization devices in laboratories and pharmacies, patient information systems with real-time access, advanced storage and processing technology data.

But how do you sustain the safe storage of critical data, the efficient operation of clinical and administrative applications? Which are the solutions for such an ecosystem to achieve its purposes: increased efficiency, reducing operational costs, minimizing human errors and providing data for analysis?

Colocation – for efficiency and security

Are you part of the executive team or are you responsible for the IT equipment and the data center infrastructure of a medical center and want to streamline their monthly costs but maintain the level of security?
Surely, a colocation center will offer you solutions for your targets because:

The infrastructure of a colocation center is sustainable

In a study on the healthcare technology solutions and trends of digitalization in the health field, presents improvements in the experience of patients, nurses, clinicians and IT teams brought about by digitalization. For example, 72% of medical centers highlighted improved quality of patient care by using mobile device technology. 61% of nurses reported reduced medication administration errors by using technology every day.

But accessing data on these devices and the connection between them depends on a stable and competitive IT infrastructure. An internal data center is safe and efficient when it’s sustained by state-of-the-art systems, a stable and resilient Internet network.

However, permanent investment and a dedicated IT team are necessary to bring the internal infrastructure to a high level of performance. In contrast, a colocation center invests permanently in the latest generation platforms and solutions to provide customers with stability and cost-effectiveness. It provides all the resources necessary for the sustainable operation of all customers’ equipment.

Ensure privacy by security standards

Medical institutions have generated a large percentage of data globally by implementing and  increasing the number of devices and technologies in the activities of patients, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, IT staff.

Therefore, concerns regarding patient confidentiality and data security have also increased. And the IT team of the medical center has to implement and maintain the software systems, also to ensure the security and confidentiality standards.

A colocation provider offers customers full control of the equipment through private spaces and secure access to them. These spaces are designed to comply with international regulations and standards. So the supplier becomes responsible for infrastructure maintenance. Moreover, a state-of-the-art colocation center has proactive monitoring and 24/7 technical support through a team of specialists.

Cloud – for availability and scalability

Digitalization in healthcare represents especially the possibility of accessing information anytime, anywhere. The technical evolution in healthcare is complex and requires high experience in administrating and protecting patient data. Moreover, for the applications used it is desirable a high speed of implementation and usability to increase the efficiency in managing mobile devices and their related solutions.

Cloud computing is the solution that offers the most efficient and the fastest technology integration, yet at the same time with low costs due to the elimination of investments in the complete hardware infrastructure. On condition that medical centers look for partners with professional maturity in managing and protecting data.
Thus, the Cloud data storage solution offers availability and scalability because:

The provider is responsible for the administration

The servers, storage and network components are provided and managed entirely by the Cloud data center. Moreover, it is responsible for the management of infrastructure resources. It must provide uninterrupted services, availability guarantees based on SLAs.

No upgrades, changes, configurations, or security patches are required for your hardware. Each virtual server that the client owns is isolated from the rest of the clients and secured. And the IT manager can quickly and easily access the virtual resources.

Allows you to adjust your hardware resources with a click

Owning an internal data center means purchasing and managing all hardware and software components, whether they are used at full capacity or not. But by using Cloud services, the medical center pays only the resources used. In addition, the increase or decrease of resources allocated to data storage can be done instantly.

This solution supports the evolution and implementation of clinical technologies through the ability to quickly adapt the necessary resources.

A Reliable Provider for Colocation and Cloud Services

If it is clear how colocation or Cloud solutions can help you, just choose a neutral data center, a provider with solid experience in the field. Such a partner must ensure data protection and management, meet physical, administrative and technical security standards and have the resources to meet the commitment to high-quality performance.

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