The competitive business world is a challenge for any company. The battle for the customers’ attention is significant, and only those companies who are able to meet their expectations succeed.

At M247 we understand these needs and know how hard it is for businesses to ensure the security, privacy, and connectivity of their online platforms.

Most of our clients faced these challenges when they decided to start the collaboration with us. What they mostly needed was a reliable service provider that can offer the best technologies for a stable and continuous connectivity and could respond rapidly to emergencies.

In each case, we managed to exceed the expectations and the results were impressive.

From Dedicated Servers to advanced security systems that can protect companies from cyber attacks, M247 team did everything with dedication and professionalism.

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We opted to continue our collaboration with M247 due to their availability, 24/7/365 technical support, and professionalism. We started with an operational leasing contract, but we will keep our servers in their Data Centers, which are well-equipped and high performant. This collaboration is exactly what we needed to keep our e-commerce platform running without any incident.


We started our collaboration with M24seven in 2015, and we were very surprised by the proactive attitude and very professional technical support. The commercial and technical teams solved all our requests in a short time and contributed to our performances we are very proud of today. We had several challenges with security, but M24seven’s DDOS protection proved to be very efficient and stabilized the network and cleaned our traffic.
Antena Group is a success story, and behind the scene every achievement needs a reliable partner who supports and solves all the technical challenges could appear at any moment

Antena Group

Our collaboration with M24seven started when we decided to change the provider we had at that moment. The quality of technical support was essential in the process of migrating the data from a provider to another. M24seven offered absolutely impeccable support and their solution suited our business needs perfectly. The scalability functionality also enabled notable performances at optimal costs.

Arthur Radulescu, CEO at ShopMania

M247 is the fastest growing connectivity and internet infrastructure provider in Europe, Asia and North America.

We provide highly efficient Hosting Services and fast connectivity choice than any provider on the market. We offer businesses the opportunity to combine powerful and scalable platforms with high speed Internet Connectivity.

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Take care of your business growth and let us make your network infrastructure, internet connection and security skyrocket.