Why M247?

At M247 we are dedicated to delivering exceptional service to our customers, but firstly we are dedicated to you, our staff.

Without you, our achievements would not be possible. You deliver extraordinary service to our customers and we deliver extraordinary service to you. We give you the platform on which you can grow your career and have fun while doing it.

Current Vacancies

Business Development Manager – Bucharest

Senior Network Engineer – Bucharest
Junior Network Engineer – Bucharest

Senior System Engineer – Level 3 – Bucharest
Senior System Engineer – Level 3 Support / Virtualization Engineer – Bucharest
System Engineer – Level 2 – Bucharest
Junior System Engineer – Level 1 – Bucharest

Send us your CV to [email protected] and tell us why you would love to work for M247 along to our careers department and we’ll see if we have the right fit for you.