Adscore Technologies DMCC

Our Client

Adscore is a global, advertising verification provider specialising in using AI functionality to improve online advertising performance, thereby delivering greater ROI for their clients marketing campaigns. Their mission is to detect web traffic that is organically generated, categorising traffic as either human, proxy, low quality (obsolete device and/or browser) or bots. Using this information, they can offer a highly scalable, continuously improving system, which improves clients results in real-time.

The solution

Bespoke designed 6 layer redundancy

As a global business, Adscore required a solution which could support this reach. M247 proposed to build 3 dedicated POP’s across different continents (America, Europe and Asia) in order to help Adscore split traffic across a wider network range. This bespoke solution offered 6 layers of redundancy over 2+ suppliers between 3 locations therefore providing heightened levels of redundancy and failover.

“After experiencing 3 outages in close proximity over AWS public cloud, we didn’t want to suffer the same impact in downtime again. So, we began to look for alternative solutions to guarantee quality of service to our customers. M247 offered a highly robust, resilient solution which enabled us to split traffic over 3 continents to protect our network traffic and maintain uptime.”

Tomasz K, Adscore CEO

The challenge

Analyse traffic close to source and maintain 100% uptime globally

The ability to act and react in real-time means Adscore require traffic to be analysed as close as possible to the source within 150ms. This enables immediate decisions to be taken to ensure their clients results are optimised and fraud detection measures are implemented.
Furthermore with traffic flowing across the Adscore network 24/7 and millions of impressions being served hourly, a 100% uptime of the network is crucial as any downtime results in loss of revenue both directly and indirectly to Adscore and their customers. The key challenge for M247 was how to ensure redundancy over the Adscore network.


Delivered within 3 months across 3 continent

M247 implemented a 3 site Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution in order to host the 400+ servers, which were split between NYC, London and Singapore. As M247 were already the incumbent provider of an MPLS network this enabled the interconnection between the sites to be delivered over 3 suppliers. With each supplier having a dual feed and redundant network connection, M247 was then able to create 6 layers of independent redundancy by using its infrastructure and its Tier 1 partners infrastructure. While all POPs are handled in a Tier 3 data centre and all services are dual feed, M247 installed additional UPS in the racks to ensure that in an unlikely event of a power failure in the DC, servers would maintain power and uninterrupted service for 30 minutes.


Fully redundant solution with security overlay

M247 deployed a fully redundant, no Single Point of Failure connection to meet Adscore expectations of 100% uptime, over 3 continents. Delivered across 400+ servers, 6 switches, 18 MPLS connections, in NYC, London and Singapore M247 have been responsible for the uptime, maintenances, upgrades and ongoing security of the Adscore network. In order to ensure the security solution implemented, M247 also created a private network between the 3 locations which was later extended to the customer office in Dubai.

The result

100% uptime

Today, thanks to M247 design and implementation, Adscore have a maintained 100% uptime on a robust infrastructure, allowing them focus on their intelligence software development rather than worrying about the IT infrastructure.

Key points

  • IaaS delivered across 3 continents to improve resiliency and redundancy
  • Further expanded at later date to include Dubai, with the ability to support future growth
  • 100% uptime maintained
  • Bespoke build of 3 dedicated PoP’s across different continents to meet requirements
  • Fully managed service, with M247 acting as extension of the Adscore team

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“Since migrating to a fully managed service through M247 in 2017, it has felt like a massive burden has been lifted from the Adscore team. We have been able to step away from the intricacies of the network and its management to focus on improving our AI product and infrastructure safe in the knowledge the M247 team have everything covered.”

Tomasz K, Adscore CEO