5 Features of a Full-Service Colocation Center

Colocation services are ideal for companies that need to have all, or part of, their own hardware and software locked safely inside an internet data center.

Although they can be considered simple services provided by any data center, these are actually solutions that can make a valuable contribution to business performance. And what may seem a minor difference between providers can have a major impact on business productivity.

A full-service data center

Features such as maximum uptime, physical and virtual security are crucial to a data center. But a full-service package offered by a colocation provider covers also the following features:


Many providers can attract you with a low colocation pricing, but they can invoice you later with additional costs. Check out the services that they include in the offer so you can get the all requested solutions in the total price from the beginning.

A complete colocation provider will provide not only the space for IT infrastructure storage and the electricity connection, but he will also make available the safety systems, redundant power and cooling systems for the clients.

Moreover, this provider will manage the extended setups and deliver them to the customer according to the agreed SLA between the parties. Through SLA the provider is given a penalty if it does not respect the original submitted agreement.


Businesses are multi-dimensional and have different needs in terms of data center equipment and services. The chosen provider needs to understand the specifics of your business, the IT department’s management, the type of data held, and the applications used, including security needs.

Therefore, he will provide you the necessary conditions during the colocation phase of the equipment and in the stages of infrastructure development, or change of business conditions. You can choose an exponential migration or you can ensure that the data center gives you in time the space and resources needed for a performing business in case of expansion.

Furthermore, a supplier that prioritizes continuous development can very easily support the expansion of his customers’ IT infrastructure.


Certainly you will want a quick and efficient organization of the transferred equipment in the chosen data center. And technical support from the provider to facilitate this process, either to manage it entirely instead of your team.

Also, an important differentiator in the data center industry is the 24/7 availability with quick response from the technical support team. This dedicated team from a data center can prevent or manage certain issues whenever your staff is not in the data center.


A data center with a full range of services requires qualified staff and standardized practices. Its administration is a complex activity because it involves several areas, such as security, networks, physical equipment, electricity distribution etc. So make sure your supplier has a full and experienced team.

Moreover, you will benefit from qualified assistance when you need it. Because highly trained engineers in data center management will offer you prompt and reliable services.

Similarly, check if the chosen data center is working according to the standards in the field. Because standardization leads to successful results for both the vendor and customers choosing the colocation pricing.


You probably already know that choosing a data center near your company is advantageous for staff to access the equipment in time. However, there is another aspect where proximity makes a major contribution to the performance of your IT infrastructure – bandwidth scalability.

The bandwidth is important for application performance, especially for large data volume transfers. And the colocation of servers in a center close to the company offers the possibility to benefit from high speed internet through direct connections.

Where do you find full-service colocation hosting?

Do you need stability, efficiency and flexibility from the selected supplier? Check first what benefits can provide you, and how can his colocation offer sustain and increase your business’ performance.

M247 is a full connectivity service provider and internet infrastructure which can help you with information and suggestions firstly. Secondly, find out the benefits of the colocation solutions in M247’s data centers:

  • Low cost in terms of infrastructure and network capacity. M247 provides space, security, power and cooling to the server, as well as network services such as IP addresses, Internet bandwidth and a range of chargeable, managed ‘remote hands’ services that enable customers to deploy a wide range of remote actions.
  • Flexibility to instantly add required features or remove those unnecessary, adapt spaces to client’s infrastructure specific needs.
  • M247’s proactive 24/7/365 support model is never outsourced and is backed by robust SLAs, such as 5 hours for fiber and 99.95% network availability. With such features, it is not surprising that customer satisfaction is 98%.
  • The M247 global network offers the highest levels of resistance, high traffic capabilities and the smallest latency of the route. With presence on 3 continents across 20 locations, the state-of-the-art equipment and technologies will ensure you more stability and connectivity, 24/7.

The colocation is a hosting service for a company’s IT infrastructure which can bring you benefits depending on the provider’s range of services and systems. Do the right choice for your business, contact M247!